A special thanks to our hosts and committee chairs.

These are the fantastic heroes that make this annual event possible.

2022 Event Chairs

Holiday Heroes 2019

Elizabeth Johnson & Ed Conlon


Lindsay & Wyatt Millar

2022 Honorary Chairpersons

Holiday Heroes 2019

Michelle Gilman Jasen & Rich Jasen

Holiday Heroes 2019

Emilie & Andrew Lynch

Holiday Heroes 2019

Ashley & Morgan Berman

2022 Heroes Council

Joanne Pasternack and Robert Bardin
Betina and Adam Baumgarten
Kathy Huber and Larry Binkley
Jennifer and Matthew Bronson
Amy and Grady Burnett
Dana and Charles Carmel
Sandy and Harry Cheung
Kate and Sol Coffino
Jennifer and Matthew Cook
Katie Colendich and Albert d’Hoste
Victoria and Rick Dade
Hope Patricia Daly
Christina and Damon Edwards
Liz and Ahmed Fattouh
Patty Rock and John Fetzer
Nadia and Max Gazor
Lindsay LaSalle and Steve Golubchik
Susan Davenport and Michael Grosse

Betsy Vobach and Ron Hanik
Michelle and Jody Harris
Patty and Chris Hubbard
Alexandra and John Jansen
Kelley O’Brien and Rob Johnson
Sara and Jonathan Larose
Sara and Jason Maas
Tanya and John Marston
Daphne and Raoul Melendez
Maryam and Chris Neil
Elyse and Michael O’Sullivan
Phoebe and Christopher Schreiber
Tracy Skytt
Kate and Ted Smith
Emily Lopez and Andy Tang
Nicole and Charley Taylor
Sherri North and Drew Thomas
Abbey and Paul Walker

2022 Host Committee

Ann and Bart Baer
Lindsey Buendia
Bianca and James Buresh
Shannon and Dan Cronan
Didi and Greg Engel

Sonia Mondkar-Floyd and Aaron Floyd
Staci and Jonathan Friesel
Camille Kennedy
Maria and Jeff Ralph

2021 Teen Committee

Frankie Duryea, Teen Chair
Kira Bardin
Dylan Carmel
Luke Carmel
Kelly Cronan
Fiona Furtney
Ryan Schnell

2021 Youth Committee

Noa Berman
Sarai Berman
Christopher Dodd
Nathan Hoch
Bodie Jasen
Riley Jasen
Bardia Neil

Kids! Get involved with our youth committee.

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